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cutten, 'hit wore out right off. But a scalp now, hit's
diff'rent, hit's a keepsake/

"He scalped him, then we looked down the draw fer the
nigger. Thar he was, but they'd done taken his scalp. ' They
made a pore trade,' Mingo said, 'a nigger's scalp ain't no
good, hit ain't worth heans. Hit ain't much better'n mine,'

"Them was the only Indians we had trouble with that
year. But the Indians was still bad on south a-ways. They
was tighten with the sojers, and killen and scalpen here and
yander. And raiden down to Texas.

" Hit was a bad year, and no denyen, and the Gin'al over
to Fort Sill—hit was Gin'al Sheridan as fit in the war—
a-gitten ready and sot to stomp 'em out. And he done it.
They was run here and yander, lak a coyote and the dogs on
him. They run 'em and ne'er give no breathen. Some of
'em come in and give up, but some of 'em kept on a-runnen
and a-fighten, the wildest what went with the war chiefs
Lone Wolf and Maman-ti and sich. But they come in, too,
a-fore hit was done. I seen 'em. Hit was at Fort Sill I seen
'em. They was another chief, named Kicken Bird, what got
'em in. He seen how hit would be, and he said to his people,
and he made 'em come in. I seen 'em at Fort Sill. They
put them Indians in the corrals—they was stone corrals—and
the bad chiefs locked up in the jail, and chained, and in the
stone ice-house they was a-builden. Ever day the wagons
with meat come, and they throwed the meat over the wall—
raw meat and in chunks lak you was feeden a passel of lions
or painters.

" They was gonna send the bad chiefs off and git shed of
'em. A fer piece, to Florida. Kicken Bird, they was gonna
let him pick out the ones to go, the ones he knowed was
dead-set agin the white folks. And he done hit. He named
Lone-Wolf and Maman-ti, and a passel more, and said they
would ne'er have hit in their hearts not to scalp a white man.
The time come to git shed of 'em, and I seen hit. Them
army wagons was standen thar by the ice-house, and sojers
drawed up with guns, and they taken out the Indians from